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Play as a man who transforms into a flying dragon. I've always wanted to play as a dragon in a game that's actually fun. Since that doesn't exist I decided to make one myself. Everything you see is WIP and probably will change.  Looking for feedback on all aspects of the game, especially gamefeel while flying.

Ground ControlsKeyboard/MouseGamepad
MovementWASD/ArrowsLeft Analog Stick
Camera look (inverted)MouseRight Analog Stick
Reset CameraMiddle MouseRight Analog Stick Button
FirebreathRight Mouse ButtonLeft Trigger
Air ControlsKeyboard/MouseGamepad
Pitch Down/UpW/S or Up/DownLeft Analog Stick Up/Down
Yaw Left/RightA/D or Left/RightLeft Analog Stick Left/Right
DiveLeft ShiftLeft Analog Stick Button
BrakeRLeft Facebutton (B, O)
CameraMouseRight Analog Stick
Fireball (hold to charge)Left Mouse ButtonRight Trigger
DashSpacebarBottom Facebutton (A, X)
BoostLeft ShiftLeft Trigger

Currently Completed

  • Fly as a dragon; run as a human
  • Firebreath and fireballs
  • Basic enemy AI and types
  • Basic UI and damage system
  • Main Menu and gameover

Requirements to enter Alpha (estimate 1-2 months of development time)

  • Add ranged attacks to enemies
  • Flying enemy
  • Improve enemy AI
  • Improve combat
  • Main menu, pause screen, and gameover

Requirements to enter Beta

  • At least 4 enemies
  • Completed hubworld and at least one level
  • Cohesive art style
  • Character progression
  • More powers & abilities

Requirements to go on Early Access

  • 4 levels
  • Plot/characters
  • Boss battles
  • Soundtrack


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Fly Like A Dragon 0.6 (Mac).zip 516 MB
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