Update: Alpha 0.5.4

Hey all, we've got another small update this week. Right now we're on an unofficial gameplay feature freeze while we prepare for Alpha 0.6, where you'll finally be able to play in the Village.

A couple of long standing bugs have finally been resolved. Some of you may have noticed that, every now and again, you'd be unable to swing your sword. That bug has been a part of combat since rolling was implemented, and I'm happy to report that it has finally been quashed. Aside from that, I added a few more sound effects to increase immersion, as well as solved a few cosmetic bugs. 

Oh also, there's been a couple tweaks to flying. We went back to the simpler, glider style of flight for now, though this may change in the future. More importantly air dashing has been reworked a bit to feel more natural. Now the momentum change when dashing is complete won't be so drastic, and also there's a new animation to boot. Hopefully this'll make dragon gameplay even more engaging.

That's all folks! Stay tuned for next week, and as always stay safe.


The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.4) 169 MB
Oct 25, 2020
The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.4) 163 MB
Oct 25, 2020

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