Update: Alpha 0.5.2

This week sees implementation of the features discussed in last weeks blog, as well as an overhaul of the grappling system. Work has begun on the questing system, and there are a couple of characters in the pipeline. Next week, you can expect to see more about our second zone: the Village. Stay tuned!

  • Improved: Combat
    • Simplified combo system
    • Attack while moving
    • Momentum applies damage boost
  • Improved: Grappling
    • Fixed many bugs
    • Grappling hook works more like Zelda, but uses physics
    • No longer tied into lock-on system


The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.2) 162 MB
Oct 12, 2020
The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.2) 158 MB
Oct 12, 2020

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