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Recent updates

Update: Alpha 0.6
Hey all: it's been a long time since I've posted an update, or even a progress post. Not to worry because the wait is finally over! In the latest update for The...
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Update: Alpha 0.5.5
As a part of the continuing feature freeze, all we have are a few bug fixes and tweaks. Most notably, lock-on dodging has been re-enabled. Since this update is...
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Update: Alpha 0.5.4
Hey all, we've got another small update this week. Right now we're on an unofficial gameplay feature freeze while we prepare for Alpha 0.6, where you'll finally...
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Update: Alpha 0.5.3
Hey all, this week's update is less impressive than I was hoping. Those big changes I mentioned in the pipeline last week are still very much on-going and you c...
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Update: Alpha 0.5.2
This week sees implementation of the features discussed in last weeks blog , as well as an overhaul of the grappling system. Work has begun on the questing syst...
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Weekly update: Combat design
When developing the combat for The Bear and the Broomstick , I started by copying other third person action-adventure games. A little Zelda, a little Witcher, a...

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