Update: Alpha 0.5- Combat! (Again)

I was originally planning on making this a much smaller update, Alpha 0.4.1. I thought I'd just tune the combat, maybe add a functioning enemy, and be done with it. I was very wrong. Turns out, animation montages make everything easier and I ended up completely overhauling the combat. Where the original was an off brand Dark Souls, the new one is somewhere between Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild. Keep reading for the full changelist

  • New: Dynamic lock-on targeting
    • Strafe around enemies and switch between them with a flick of the camera
    • Pretty much works the way you'd expect
  • New: Lock-on dodging and rolling
    • While locked on, you can either dodge or roll in 8 DOF
    • Dodging is quicker, and has less end lag
    • Rolling takes you farther
  • New: Enemy AI
    • Strange golems now dot the Sky Islands
    • They'll wander around until they see you, then let out a (silent) roar and charge in for attack!
  • New: Soundtrack
    • Added some tracks from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
    • This helps me get a feel for the game as well as teaches me how Unreal handles sound
  • Improved: Swordplay
    • Through anim notifies, the system is easier to tune than ever
    • It's quicker, more responsive, and less buggy
  • Bug fixes:
    • Smoothed out boar turning animations
    • Transforming while standing still no longer gets you stuck in terrain
    • Too many small tweaks and improvements to list

By next week I hope to expand the combat system with more combos and add new NPCs, including at least one new enemy. Stay tuned!


The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5) 167 MB
Sep 20, 2020
The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5) 157 MB
Sep 20, 2020

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