Update: Alpha 0.5.1

Hey everyone and welcome to the latest update of The Bear and the Broomstick. There's not much exciting about this week's update I'm afraid. I fixed a couple of gnarly bugs and began to lay the groundwork for true aerial combat. Take a look!

  • New: Aerial attacks
    • While in the air, you can do a three hit combo
  • New: Roll on land
    • Pressing the dodge button in the air will cause you to roll when you land
  • New: Lock on grappling
    • Grappling an enemy will automatically lock you onto them
    • Locked on grappling causes the grappling hook to pull you in, like the Zelda hookshot
  • Improved: Attacking
    • Changed the attack combo so that it's more reliable
    • Added juice- new on-hit, on swing, and on-kill effects
  • Improved: Lock on
    • Lock on radius is larger
    • Lock on  is more reliable while up close
    • While locked on in dragon form, head tracking
  • Bugfixes
    • Enemy stacking and knockback (hooray!)
    • Many, many more


The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.1) 162 MB
Sep 27, 2020
The Bear and the Broomstick (Alpha 0.5.1) 158 MB
Sep 27, 2020

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