Update: pre-Alpha 0.5

Inspired by the recently announced The Falconeer, there are significant changes to flying, completely changing the feel.


  • Changed skybox to better emphasize gameplay
  • Dying restarts the game
  • Minor bugfixes and tweaks
  • Added horns


  • Made flying floatier by increasing turn speed and reducing thrust, top speed, & mass
  • Added velocity trails that activate at high speeds
  • Completely reworked animation system. Diving now feels more impactful, thrusting is more subtle
  • Added an arrow to highlight fireball path
  • Added camera controls while flying


  • Added main menu


Fly Like a Dragon 0.5 (Mac).zip 393 MB
Jan 30, 2020
Fly Like a Dragon 0.5 (Windows).zip 396 MB
Jan 30, 2020

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